Bhopal: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat on Friday briefly mentioned Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in a speech, endeavoured to underscore that service ought not to be construed as a burden and asserted that the value of labour is once again being recognised. Once Gandhiji saw a girl, around 10 years of age, climbing uphill while carrying her five-year-old brother on her shoulders. He suggested her to put down the ‘burden’ and let the boy walk. The girl retorted that a brother is never a burden. Service is never a burden, Bhagwat said while addressing a programme organised on the occasion of Sant Ravidas Jayanti.

Observing that the nation regressed as it forgot the worth of sweat, he said the trend was changing with labour being accorded due recognition. He stressed on the need for re-establishing the dignity of labour. Spelling out three messages of Sant Ravidas, Bhagwat advised that workers should not undervalue the importance of their labour as society needs it.

“His second message encourages us to do service. God comes before us every day in various forms and provides us opportunity to serve him. The third message is to constantly remember God who is in every form while serving him,” he said.