Gwalior: Replying to the allegations of his former cabinet colleague Imarti Devi, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that these are sold out people who could only level allegations on others.
Nath was replying to Imarti Devi’s accusation that he used to offer Rs five lakh each to those MLAs who could not be offered ministerial berths.
“She herself talks in crores and now saying I was offering money to MLAs,” said Nath on Friday adding these people have sold themselves and have no option but to accuse others of wrongdoing.
One of the Jyotiraditya Scindia’s closed aides and the minister in Shivraj cabinet Imarti Devi has attacked her former Chief Minister Kamal Nath saying the latter used to offer Rs five lakh monthly to those who did not get the ministerial berth in his government. Devi levelled these allegations after filing her nomination in Dabra on Thursday.
Replying to Congress allegations that Scindia and his aides including Imarti Devi shifted loyalties in lieu of money, the Women and Child Development minister said, “These are baseless allegation. Why not ask Kamal Nath why he had to pay Rs five lakh to those MLAs who were not part of the cabinet to keep them together. Public here knows I can’t be sold out.” Since Scindia and 24 MLAs switched sides, Congress party has been alleging that these politicians were sold themselves out for Rs 35 cr each to BJP.