Bhopal: More than 1.83 lakh persons have got registered for ‘Mil-Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme. Persons interested in the programme will motivate children for reading of books along with textbooks by visiting government primary and middle schools in the state on February 18. They will read out portion of Hindi book and motivate children to read them also. Educational dialogue will be held after this with children. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, ministers, different public representatives, officers, employees and other intellectual persons and youths have come forward to participate in the programme. Renowned players have also got registered for the programme. In this regard, shooting player of the state Kumari Oshin Tawani, Karate player Kumari Supriya Jatav, international boxing player Shruti Yadav got registered for Government Middle School, Jahangirabad.

People of different walks of life, who are registered for ‘Mil-Banche Madhya Pradesh’ programme, include 25,000 youths, 4500 housewives, 800 media friends, 800 engineers, 800 doctors, 800 advocates, 300 players, 3000 volunteers of voluntary organisations, 4600 retired persons, 25000 people working in private sectors, 36000 businessmen and others, over 25000 peoples representatives and over 55000 government employees.