Bhopal: A technical team of Archeology Department has found the two temples of Parmar era in Devbadla situated near village Veelpaan of Tahsil Jawar, Sehore district. Twenty rare ancient idols of 11th-12th centuries were found in these temples. Commissioner Archeology Anupam Rajan has informed that excavation work is undertaken taking into account the possibility of finding ancient temples while removing debris by the archeologists of the Archeology department. During excavation, two temples of 11th – 12th centuries have come to the light. Twenty rare ancient idols of Hindu Deities have been found from Temple No; 1 Shiv Mandir and Temple No. 2 Vishnu Mandir. These ancient idols include Brahamdev, Gouri, Bhuvarah, Devi Laxmi, Yogini and Shiv Natraj.

Rajan further mentioned that Devbadla is a beautiful place. Several temples from 11th to 13th century were constructed here at the slope of hill because of origin of Newaj River. All the ancient idols have been kept safely in the new Ram Temple. He further informed that the two temples were destroyed because of natural calamities. These temples will be constructed again in their original forms.

Rajan lauded the efforts of Ramesh Yadav, GP Singh Chouhan, Raghvendra Tiwari, Zakir Hussain and Dhuvendra Singh Jodha the members of the technical team who have found the ancient temples.