Bhopal: Narmada Seva Yatra being conducted in Madhya Pradesh is becoming such a unique campaign of the world in which people are becoming flag bearers of the environment conservation. Everyone is praising Narmada and is expressing profound devotion in different ways towards Narmada. Some are writing slogans, some are chanting slogans and some are dancing and singing. Somewhere bhajans recital is taking place and somewhere it is Jan-Sanvad. Women, men, children and elders whether rural or urban all are becoming flag bearers of the environment conservation.

Namami Devi Narmade seva yatra started in the form of public campaign at the initiative of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is underway on its 16th day with full enthusiasm and devotion. Atmosphere transforms into celebration when yatra reaches villages and settlements. Besides, everyone seemed enthusiastic to participate in yatra. Whether it is public representative or a common man everyone is eager to serve Maa Narmada.

Narmada Seva Yatra started from Amarkantak is flourishing day by day with pledges and devotion for Maa Narmadas conservation. Everyone is expressing commitment towards plantation, sanitation and de-addiction. People are considering themselves not only fortunate by becoming a part of the yatra, but are taking pledge for every possible effort to conserve the river and environment.

It might be such a unique public campaign of the world in which people leaving aside their caste and creed and without any discrimination are united wholeheartedly for one common cause. Atmosphere is resonating with Har Har Narmade sound and participation of people is increasing day by day like flow of Narmada. Moreover, sub yatras being set out from the villages and far places are joining the Narmada seva yatra. People are welcoming and becoming part of yatra making toran gates and at some places colourful buntings, hoardings and banners have been put up to greet yatra. People are also seen arranging bhandaras for the yatris and some people are making yatra comfortable presenting folk dances and songs.

Narmada SevaYatra set out everyday morning with Narmada Aarti and flag poojan and with a commitment to prevent Narmada river from pollution. A large number of people are seen walking on foot holding Narmada Yatra flag and holding dialogues with people in the settlements located on the way to inform about the importance of conservation. People are being informed by the participants that nature has given gifted us water, forest and land to lead a happy and healthy life, but humans have put the entire mankind in jeopardy through indiscriminate exploitation of these valuable properties. Narmada river is a lifeline for the people of the state and its flow is decreased because of our fault. Narmada River has provided us water, electricity and drinking water for our prosperity and happiness.

During the yatra, janshrutiya, lok gathayein and folk art are emerging to praise Maa Narmada. At the 15th day of yatra an amazing scenario was witnessed at village Ramkundi and Diwari of block Ghansore of district Seoni, where everyone was seen dancing on the beats of Mandar. People were heard singing Mai Rewa Ke Lage Hein Darbar and Dubki Laga Le Guinya Narmda Mein.