Datia: Minister for Public Relations, Water Resources and Parliamentary Affairs Narottam Mishra inaugurated free ear, nose and throat medical checkup and consultancy camp at district hospital of Datia on Monday. Mishra said that doctors should have friendly behaviour with patients. Difficulties and drawbacks should be eradicated. Attention should be paid that the patients should not face any problems. The renowned Dr Rahul Agarwal selected 9 children for cochlear operation in the camp. Free medicines were also distributed to the ENT patients during the camp.

The Minister mentioned that the state government is making all efforts to remove disabilities of the deaf and dumb children by providing medical treatment. All the operation expenses of deaf and dumb children are borne by the state government. He informed that Medical College will start functioning in Datia next year. State government has made free arrangements of medicines, checkup etc. and government is committed to provide better medical facilities to the people.

Vice Chairman Text Book Corporation Avdhesh Nayak and Vipin Goswami expressed their views. It may be mentioned that children up to 7 years of age have been selected for cochlear implant in the camp. Operation expense is Rs 5.50 lakh. Treatment amount is paid by the state government. Patients suffering from common ENT problems will also be treated free of charge at Gwalior after the camp.