Bhopal: Irrigation capacity in the state has been improved through Water Sector Restructuring Project. Before implementation of the project, only 25 per cent area of installed capacity was being irrigated. Against this, 92 per cent area was irrigated in Rabi season 2014-15. Total 98 per cent area of installed capacity was irrigated in year 2015-16. Through the project, average agriculture income has increased from Rs 5000 to Rs 22,674 per hectare. Through the project, productivity of water for crops has increased from 0.40 kg per cubic meter water to 0.78 kg per cubic meter. Rabi irrigation area has also expanded. From state’s 228 irrigation projects, 2.42 lakh hectares were being irrigated, which has increased to 5.96 lakh hectares in year 2014-15. Despite deficient rainfall during Rabi year 2015-16, as much as 6.35 lakh hectare area was irrigated till January 2016.

Under the Water Sector Restructuring Project, the Water Resources Department had obtained World Bank’s assistance for renovation and modernisation of 228 irrigation systems constructed in the state before 1986 in 26 districts situated in 6 water basins including Chambal, Betwa, Ken, Tons, Sindh and Venganga for irrigation system’s contemporary reforms, efficient management and implementation. Objective of the project was irrigation system reforms and carrying irrigation water to tail ends of canals. These projects were completed by June 2015 at a cost of Rs 2473 crore. A third party impact assessment was done to assess project’s achievements. As per it, fish production in state’s 170 water bodies has increased from 10 to 20 kg to 114 kg per hectare now.