Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that laptops will be given to 17,000 students on securing over 85 per cent marks in class XII exams. Chouhan launched state-level ‘School Chalen Ham Abhiyan’ at Silwani in Raisen district on Wednesday. Chouhan said that the students could not avail benefit under laptop last year scheme will also be given laptops this year. Chouhan informed that Higher Education Fund will be instituted to assist talented students, who remain deprived of higher education due to paucity of money. He said that the state government is committed to ensuring that no child remains deprived of education due to lack of money.

The Chief Minister said that the state government has taken a number of measures to ensure quality education and its facilities. He informed that free of costs cycles will be given directly to students going to other villages for study and amount for uniform will be deposited in parents accounts. He exhorted students to concentrate on studies. Government will provide all possible assistance to them.

Launching School Chalen Ham Abhiyan’, the Chief Minister said that it is resolve of the state government to ensure that no child remains out of school. For this, a well planned campaign is being conducted in the state with assistance of promoters comprising society’s responsible people and volunteers. He said that this year’s exam results show that level and quality of education have increased in state’s government schools. He said that result of government schools was over 57 per cent whereas private schools’ percentage was 49 per cent.

Chouhan visited a government school a Silawni where he acted like a school teacher telling children important things. Chouhan told inspiring tales of Guru Dronacharya, Kaurav-Pandav and Gandhi Ji exhorting children to concentrate on their targets, move ahead, study. These will ensure success. Chouhan chalked some maths questions on the blackboard and asked children to give replies. He doted on the children and gave them chocolates.

Silwani government primary school’s class III student Sumit Thakur presented a letter to the Chief Minister informing that his parents have died and he wishes to study further. Chouhan embraced Sumit and asked him to study with concentration since his education is responsibility of the state government. The Chief Minister also felicitated meritorious class X and XII students. He specially felicitated Neha Vishwakarma who has opposed her child marriage and decided to move ahead in life.