Sanchi universityBhopal: The three-day long National Workshop on Integrated Healing organized by Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies concluded on Wednesday. The Chief Guest of the valedictory ceremony, Principal Secretary of Public Health and Family Welfare department Gauri Singh applauded the initiatives and efforts taken by Sanchi University to facilitate a common platform to all the health providers for offering holistic health to commoners. She stressed the need to develop a valid and standardized strategy so as to attain credibility amongst public. She also highlighted an urgent need to pursue high level of research and documentation to prove the results at the global level. She assured all the support to the proposed Centre of the University.
The ceremony was presided over by Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Shashi Prabha Kumar. She stated that it is quite encouraging to have all the medicine practitioners under one umbrella by keeping aside all sorts of competition to share and discuss with open mindfulness about merits and limitations of varied therapies. She remarked that it is a big challenge for all the healing systems to provide space and scope to integrated healing system. She hoped that initiatives of the University would certainly help all the existing healing systems.
In this three day long workshop, around 60 renowned medical practitioners and scholars participated from different parts of the country. During the three day, efforts were made to develop a primary and conceptual understanding about Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Sowa Rigpa, Yoga and Reiki with a subtle aim to know the genesis, methods of knowing and remedial measures on the bases of philosophical foundation.
The deliberations resulted that he University could work as a facilitator to bring out integration among all the healing systems and it will play an unbiased role in this regard. The Ministry of Aayush, New Delhi assured all the help and support to the University in Integrated Health domain.
Before the valedictory ceremony, there were two sessions on Reiki, Sujok and Yoga. In the session devoted to Sujok, Pavan demonstrated the techniques to alleviate physical suffering by proving pressure to specific points located in the hands and feet whereas in the session based on the theme of Reiki, the expert Usha Soni discussed about mind, body, chakras and energy to diminish doubt, fear and develop an environment of faith and positivity.
She highlighted that the seven chakras of our body have the power to fight with all kinds of ailments. This workshop of the University proved to be successful in setting the tone for establishing the Centre for integrated healing to meet the set objectives of the centre.