Bhopal: Simhastha Central Committee’s Chairman Makhan Singh has stressed the need for paying attention to safety of children and women during Simhastha. He said that for the first time during Simhastha, modern technologies, especially IT are being used. For this, he laid emphasis on better mutual coordination. Singh was addressing a workshop on safety of children and women at Ujjain on Tuesday. Officers of Women’s Empowerment and Revenue departments participated in the workshop. Information was given about Childline 1098. It was informed that Mela area will have 6 lost & found centres connected with internet. Information was also given about Integrated Child Protection Scheme, Prevention of Sexual Crimes against Children Act and establishment of Juvenile Justice Board.
To turn Simhastha into Green, saplings have been planted on roadsides and Ghats at Ujjain. Devotees will be motivated for greenery to that these saplings grow safely. Maximum public participation will be ensured in this. Over one lakh saplings have been planted in 3 gardens and on the sides of 10 major roads in the city. Grass has been planted in old gardens and road dividers. On road dividers, saplings have been planted for a distance of 40 to 50 kilometres. Forest Department has planted 10,000 saplings from Triveni Ghat to Valmiki Ghat. Mainly, saplings of peepal, banyan, neem, karanj, bamboo and bougainvillea have been planted.
Panchkroshi Yatra is held during Simhastha. A large number of devotees participate in it. The state government has sanctioned Rs 63.60 crore for upgrading Panchkroshi Marg. Of this, Rs 38.24 crore has been sanctioned for 62 km long road and Rs 35.36 crore for 28.95 km long road. Work to upgrade Panchkroshi Marg has been completed.