Ujjain: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan participated in grand Peshwai of Niranjani Panchayati Akhada and sought blessings of saints at Ujjain today. He was accompanied by in-charge Minister Bhupendra Singh, MLAs Mohan Yadav, Shiv Narayan Jagirdar, other public representatives and officers. The Chief Minister along with his wife Sadhana Singh visited Char Dham Mandir and sought blessings of Akhada Parishad’s President Narendra Giriji, Mahamandaleshwar Punyanand Giriji, Shanti Swaroopanand, other Mahamandaleshwars, Mahants and representatives of various Akhadas.
The Chief Minister said that Mahakumbh will be a success due to blessings of Lord Mahakal and saints-seers. Through Simhastha, people of the world will witness Indian culture, spiritualism, history and ancient traditions. Chouhan urged all saints-seers to pray for Simhastha’s success.
Mahamandaleshwar Shanti Swaroopanand Ji said that the Chief Minister has ensured unique and unforgettable works for Simhastha. For this, he expressed gratitude towards the Chief Minister. Akhada Parishad’s President Narendra Giriji threw light on Peshwai’s history, traditions and importance.
Carrying Dhwaja, Mahants led grand Peshwai of Niranjani Panchayati Akhada taken out from Char Dham. He was followed by Akhada’s principal deity in a silver palanquin and Naga hermits performing stunts with weapons and arms enthusiastically. Naga Sadhus riding 50 white horses were centre of attraction in the Peshwai. They were followed by 50 chariots with music band with Mahamandaleshwar Mahants. About 25 music bands were playing sonorous tunes of Bhajans. Tribal folk dancers also performed. An aircraft showered flowers on Peshwai procession.
The chief Minister took part in the Peshwai from Char Dham Mandir upto Harsiddhi road. Over 50 Mahamandaleshwars and Mahants including Mahamandaleshwar Punyanand, Mahamandaleshwar Balakanand Ji, Someshwaranand, Jagdishanand, Shanti Swaroopanand Giri, Mahamandaleshwar Guru Maa Anandmayi Puri, Someshwaranand Giri, Swami Maheshwaranand Giri, Hari Om Giri, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, Swami Premanand Puri, Lalitanand Giri, Anantanand Giri, Mahant Nityanand Giri, Swami Vishnu, Yoganand, other Mahamandaleshwars and Mahants rode chariots and distributed gifts to devotees. Lakhs of devotees on both sides of Peshwai path sought blessings of Mahamandaleshwars, Mahants and Naga hermits.
Naga hermits enthusiastically took part in the third Peshwai of second Mahakumbh Simhastha-2016. Entire Peshwai Marg and Ujjain city were reverberating with slogans ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and ‘Jay Mahakal’. Artistes in costumes of Radha-Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh also attracted attention of devotees.