Bhopal: Chief Minister Kamal Nath has directed to ensure that there should be no negligence in the prevention of Novel Corona Virus and appropriate preparations be made in all districts beforehand. He said that every national park in Madhya Pradesh should have a screening system at its entrance and a thorough health check of foreign tourists, especially tourists coming from countries with alerts, should be ensured.
Kamal Nath was reviewing preparations made for prevention of Novel Corona Virus in Mantralaya on Thursday. It was informed that no positive case of the disease has been found in Madhya Pradesh so far. Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Tulsiram Silawat was present in the meeting.
Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the guidelines determined for the prevention of Corona Virus by the Government of India should be followed strictly. Also, additional care must be taken if need arises. He said that people must be made aware of the disease. Besides, people must be informed that there is no outbreak of the disease in Madhya Pradesh so that they do not worry unnecessarily. The Chief Minister said that all the collectors must be asked to make adequate arrangements in their areas and take special care if any person is found affected by it.
The Chief Minister said that special care must be taken in tourist sites along with national parks in particular. He said that all arrangements being made in the state must be in accordance with the arrangements made in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala for the prevention of the disease. Patients displaying symptoms of the disease must be immediately examined and if found negative, their results must be publicized.
Principal Secretary Health Pallavi Jain Govil informed in the meeting that the Health Department is taking preventive measures against the spread of Corona Virus in coordination with all other related departments. The process of immediate examination of probable patients has also been decided. All arrangements have been made as per the guidelines of Government of India. Rehearsals are also being done to deal with the disease. Publicity mediums are being used to bring awareness among the people and they are also being informed about the symptoms of the disease.