Ujjain: Simhastha-2016 began at Ujjain on Friday, with lakhs of devotees taking holy dip in sacred Kshipra river. Massive congregation of devotees on the river banks since early morning was a sight for the gods to see. It was enchanting and mesmerising to see Akhada’s saints, seers and Mahants scurrying towards the river and having the dip together amidst slogans singing glory of the God. All Akhadas came for Snan through the route prescribed for them. Police and administration had made elaborate security arrangements on the occasion. Juna Akhada started Shahi Snan at Dutt Akhada Ghat from 5.11 am. Later, all other Akhadas followed suit.
Ghats prepared for first Shahi Snan of Simhastha presented an attractive look in the morning. Saints, seers and devotees were eager to take the holy dip. Onlookers were delighted to have a view of this scene. First of all, saints and seers of Panchdashnam Akhada took the holy dip at Dutt Akhada Ghat. Panchayati Aavhan Akhada, Panchayati Agni Akhada, Taponidhi Niranjani Akhada, Panchayati Anand Akhada, Panchayati Mahanirvani Akhada, Panch Atal Akhada also took the holy dip at Dutt Akhada Ghat and Nirmohi Ani Akhada, Digambar Nirvani Akhada, Nirvani Ani Akhada at Ramghat. Saints and seers of Panchayati Bada Udaseen Akhada, Panchayati Naveen Udaseen Akhada, Nirmal Akhada took the holy dip at Dutt Akhada Ghat.
Holy dip by Naga hermits was special attraction. All eminent saints, Mahants, Mahanats, Mahamandaleshwars and Peethadhish participated in the holy dip on Kshipra banks. They included President of All India Akhada Parishad Shri Narendra Giri Ji Maharaj, General Secretary Hari Giri Ji Maharaj, Juna Akhada’s Avdheshanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Jodhpur royal family, Niranjani Akhada’s Swami Satyamitranand Ji, Mahanirvani Akhada’s Nityanand Ji, Pilot Baba, Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati etc.
Unique emblem of Astha, Amrit and Atma was witnessed during Shahi Snan. All the scenes were ethereal. This coupled with beauty of Kshipra ghats made the scene more attractive. Pure and clean water of Kshipra with beautiful fountains mesmerised all. Along with saints, seers and devotees, public servants also could not resist themselves from taking the holy dip in Kshipra.