Bhopal: In reply to the discussion of the Governor’s address in Vidhan Sabha, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh remained ‘Bimaru’ in the 50 years of Congress rule in the state. But now due to relentless efforts of the BJP government, the state has become progressive. Presenting the comparative figures of the current development scenario and the state’s development status in 2003-04, he said that BJP government has brought about a major change. Reiterating the government’s resolve to put an end to illegal sand mining, the Chief Minister said that a law is being made to confiscate the vehicles engaged in illegal mining. Those indulging in Illegal mining will not be spared. All necessary steps are being taken to put an end to it.

The Chief Minister said that e-auctioning system is being launched for allotment of sand mines. He said that during the rule of Congress, illegal mining was going on after getting mines allotted in the name of adivasis. On the Narmada Seva Yatra, the Chief Minister said that saplings would be planted on of both sides of the banks of Narmada river in one km perimeter  to keep the river flowing. No liquor shop will open after April 1 on both the banks. Sewage treatment plants will be set up to check sewage water flowing into the Narmada.

On VYAPAM examinations, the Chief Minister said that no recruitment process was fixed during the Congress rule and there was no rule. BJP government created a transparent process of recruitment and got the irregularities investigated. A special task force was entrusted with the responsibility of probing the irregularities.

Those found guilty will not be spared. He said that even ordinary shortcomings in the recruitments were probed and action was taken. Action was taken against the ones guilty and they went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court stood with the government’s stand. Chouhan said that the hard disk report presented by the CBI has mentioned that disk has not been tampered. He urged the Opposition should not make allegations simply to deface someone. The probe into VYAPAM case by the government is proof enough.

Replying to the points raised by the Opposition in relation to the Governor address, the Chief Minister said there is a huge difference between the rule of the Congress and the rule of the BJP. The budget at the time of Congress has become eight times its size now. Earlier the budget was of Rs 21,647 crore which has now increased to Rs 1, 69,503 crore. He said that Rs 50,295 crores has come into the state through own tax sources whereas in 2003-04 it was hardly Rs 6805 crores. Capital expenditure has risen from 435 crore to Rs 35,000 crore. Gross Domestic Product that was Rs 1 lakh 2839 crores in 2003-04 is now Rs 7 lakh 35 thousand 165 crores. Interest payment that was 22.44 per cent during Congress regime is now hardly 8.3 per cent.

The per capita income in Congress rule was Rs 13,000 but today it is Rs 72,599. Maternal death rate in Congress rule was 379 per lakh, which has now come down to 221 per lakh. Similarly, child death rate that was 86 per thousand during Congress time is now as low as 49 per thousand. Institutional delivery during Congress rule was 26.9 per cent but with the efforts of the present government has gone up to 86 per cent.