Bhopal: Minister of State for Gas Relief and Rehabilitation and Cooperatives (Independent charge), Panchayats and Rural Development Vishwas Sarang has directed to improve health facilities in hospitals within a week. He said that study on gas affected people to be made through Indian Council of Medical Research and on its basis, strategy would be chalked out for health and socio-economic rehabilitation of gas affected people. Sarang was inspecting Kamla Nehru gas relief hospital here on Friday. Sarang said that ICMR will undertake study for effects of gas on affected people after gas leak tragedy 32 years ago. He said that on the basis of study report, health facilities will be increased and improved accordingly.

During inspection, Sarang expressed displeasure to notice that equipments were lying dysfunctional. He directed to give information about within 24 hours to Gas Relief Directorate if any equipment becomes dysfunctional. Concerning company should be told to repair the equipment three or maximum four days.

The MoS said that letter box to receive complaints and corruption case information should also be inspected. He inspected complaint box of year 2015. He said that this arrangement should not be made only for formality. He directed the Director to open complaint box daily and dispose of cases received through it at the earliest.

Sarang said that atmosphere in the hospital should be created in such a way that patients and their caretakers feel pleasant about it. He said that he would get hospital painted and slogans written through public participation to boost morale of patients and their caretakers.