Bhopal: Director General of Police (DGP) Surendra Sinh would get retired in next two months and speculations are on regarding new officer who would take over on the position of top cop. Sinh is getting retired on June 30 and by the end of next month, the State government would have to endorse one name for the post. Five IPS officers are front runners for the next DGP assignment. All are powerful, resourceful and having outstanding service record. Entire bureaucracy is keeping a close eye for the next DGP.
In print media too, these names are doing rounds. If things remain favourable, Sarabjeet Singh might be the next DGP although many officers are senior to him in gradation list. His Punjab connection with a Member of Parliament and Punjabi lobby in Madhya Pradesh is supporting him; Chief Minister is also satisfied with his credentials and credibility. He is a humble and mature police officer. But real tough fight seems between Rina Mitra and Anil Dhasmana. Anil Dhasmana is also having an outstanding track record and reasonably adjusting officer, very supportive to the junior staff.
Once he has had meeting with the Chief Minister but what they have discussed did not come out, but it is presumed that this meeting was for his posting as DGP. CM it is believed was not convinced because of his remaining short tenure. Rina Mitra is the most illustrious contender for Director General of Police. She is politically not sound but she has a brilliant career as woman police officer .Her long stay in government of India will play a vital role in her selection. She worked in Wildlife Crime Control and BPR&D. Both the wings are very important and Madhya Pradesh Police urgently requires the inclusion of experts in this area. She is not keen to become DGP but her female colleagues are trying to convince her to take up the assignment Another reason is Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is sensitive for women empowerment. Rina Mitra is also now moving in the power corridor to express her wish to become first woman Director General of Police. Her meeting with the CM along with Aruna Sharma has further raised many a eyebrows. If she is elevated then it would be a historical event. Some politicians are also backing her .The Chief Secretary is also retiring in October. So in power gallery air is floating that next DGP and CS will be females. Chief Minister is also vividly thinking about the female DGP.
Chief Minister has passion to do amazing things. It is factual that few female IPS officers are outstanding and honest in their work. They are all resolutely backing Rina and probably thinking about the challenge to hold the prestigious post. If Rina Mitra becomes DGP, the discrimination tag in police department will be removed. Policing is now completely changed but needs more research and action to improve the image of the police. Police force at this juncture needs a strong and good human heart. But male dominated police force will not take the move to have a female at the helm very sportingly.
Factually, if Mitra will become head of the force, the force will be recharged. Major drawback about her is with regard to her having less field experience, but DGP does not visit in field regularly it will be exempted. She is administratively and analytically strong. But she is obstinate with corrupt and criminals. She has no bitterness with anyone in the home cadre and it is believed she is cordial in her approach.
A section of young IPS officers are also supporting her candidature and are in full support of her. A retired IPS officer has also said that Rina Mitra is a good choice and every change has its own repercussions. Criticism is evident.