Ujjain: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan volunteered labour in Ashrams of saints and seers on Saturday following recent rains and storm in Simhastha Mela area at Ujjain. Saints and seers moved to see the Chief Minister drenched in sweat while working hard in the scorching sunshine. They embraced the Chief Minister, brought him to shade and offered him water, cold drinks etc. At his Ashram, Mahant Nritiyagopal Das seated the Chief Minister after his voluntary labour, held discussion and offered fruits etc as Prasadi.

Similarly, Sant Ravishankar Prasad of Rawatpura Dham urged the Chief Minister to take rest in his cottage and held discussions with him. Sant Ram Narayan Das of Handiya, Uttar Pradesh and Radhe Radhe Baba of Godarmau offered Prasadi and water to the Chief Minister. Sant Rampadarth Das from Girnar, Gujarat presented dry fruits of Himalaya area to the CM.

When Mahant Ramroshan Das of Janakpur Dham and Sadhu Ramraidas of Vrandavan Dham saw the Chief Minister volunteering labour in their Ashrams, they urged him to come under shade where they offered him cold drinks. Saints and seers said that no one has control over natural calamities. It is sense of responsibility of the Chief Minister that he is volunteering labour in the scorching heat at the time of disaster. This shows Chief Minister’s extreme dutifulness, commitment and deep devotion towards saints and seers.