Bhopal: RERA Chairman Antony DeSa has said that there is need to give due importance to the development and planning of the urban land, accepting the vital role of wetland for environment balance and conservation. DeSa was addressing the annual lecture fair of ‘Nature-Volunteers’ group at Press Club, Indore.

DeSa said that there is need to maintain balance between development and environment so as to fulfill the basic need of the increasing population with minimum loss to the environment. He said that wetland has a significant responsibility in saving the rare species from getting extinct.

Chief Spokesperson, CEO of World Nature Fund (India) General Ravi Singh said that wetland is necessary for other important ecological works, besides reserving the ground water resources and check flood water. At the same time, they also help in the conservation of downstream water, pollution control and conservation of fisheries and wildlife. Therefore there is a great need for their conservation.

It may be noted that the Nature Volunteers Group has been constituted by Padmashri Bhalu Mondhe, Abhilash Khandekar and others. Such lecture series are organized by the group to bring about awareness towards the environment from the impending hazards and to bring related subjects of immediate importance to light of the public. The lecture series have been addressed earlier by well-known environmentalists like Sunil Tambe, Manu Bhatnagar, Asad Rehmani, Archana Godbole. Group Secretary DK Vasudevan proposed the vote of thanks.