Bhopal: Liquor licensees of not only Madhya Pradesh but also the border States seem enthusiastic about the formation of large groups of retail shops of domestic / foreign liquor in the Excise Policy for the year 2020-21. With the formation of large liquor groups, liquor trafficking will be effectively controlled. This will end unhealthy competition in the trade and allow liquor consumers to obtain high quality legitimate liquor at reasonable prices.
A new record is likely to be established in revenue promotion of the state by the Excise Policy announced for the year 2020-21. In this connection, Excise Commissioner Rajesh Bahuguna has also held telephonic discussions with liquor licensees of the state and border States.
It may be noted that in the Excise Policy for the financial year 2020-21, the business capabilities of large, medium and small liquor licensees have been taken care of. Also transparent arrangements like renewal / e-tender / e-bidding have been adopted. A lot of enthusiasm is being noticed among the contractors of states like Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi in the desire of monopolistic business in the 16 districts of the state where all liquor shops are to be auctioned in two or one group. These contractors are obtaining information about contracts through various means.
In the districts where liquor shops are to be auctioned through renewal, lottery or one group, information is being provided to the concerned contractors in coordination with the department.
The domestic / foreign liquor retailers of the current year in 36 districts of Madhya Pradesh have been given an opportunity to renew the licenses approved in their favour for the period 2020-21 for the Excise system for the year 2020-21. Renewed applications for all country/ foreign retail liquor shops of Guna and Ashoknagar have been obtained on February 29 for the process of renewal.
Liqour license holders have displayed a positive inclination towards the renewal process in the remaining districts of the state also. It may be noted that in the remaining districts of the state also, renewal applications for more than 55 liquor groups have been purchased on the first day itself. The renewal process will continue till March 5, 2020.