Bhopal: Having lost the Lok Sabha election in Bhopal to BJP’s Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur with over 3.5 lakh votes, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh on Friday said he was worried that the ideology of the killer of Mahatma Gandhi has won and the ideology of the father of the nation has lost. While talking to media persons here on Friday, he said, “As per the traditions of Indian democracy, I accept this mandate of people but I am worried about only one thing that today in this country, the ideology of the killer of Mahatma Gandhi won and the ideology of Gandhi lost.”

Singh was apparently referring to the controversial statement Thakur made last week that the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, was a true patriot, a statement over which she was forced to apologise by the party. Not blaming EVMs directly, Singh raised fingers on the BJP seeking to know which magic wand enables them to accurately predict number of seats ahead of lok sabha polls and win in exact numbers afterwards.

“It is very astonishing that in 2014 the campaign slogan was 280-plus and they achieved it. In these elections, their slogan was 300-plus and they achieved it too. What magic wand does BJP have that even before elections they predict the results so accurately?” Singh said.

“I am eager to know if they have any magic wand so they can declare the result even before the polls,” asked the senior Congress leader. When he was asked to comment on the alleged tampering in EVMs, he fended off query saying much already has been discussed on this and he won’t say anything on this.

On being asked what went lacking in his campaign, Singh claimed till the time EVMs were opened, all though he was winning. “I had even messages form several BJP leaders who congratulated him in advance.” My workers, my leaders and myself gave 100 per cent and I have no complaints from anyone, he affirmed. Asked to comment on choice of seat for him in 2019 polls, Singh said he deemed himself a small party worker who takes command form the party.