Bhopal: Henriette Ahrens, Principal Officer Programmes and Forogh Foyouzat Chief, Field Services, UNICEF India, were on a three-day visit to Madhya Pradesh. As part of their visit they visited Sheopur to see work being carried out as a part of Chief Minister Community Leadership programme and implementation of tribal sub plan in the district. They visited training centre of leadership programme, interacted with participants who were undergoing training and mentors for the training.
They also visited Ranipura and Sesaipura village to meet with community and see work being done by community leaders being trained as part of the training. Women and families at Ranipura showed them the toilets which were built as part of motivation by community leaders. The village committed to make itself open defecation free by August 15, 2016.
At Sasaipura, they met village committees formed as part tribal sub plan implementation and how they have managed to get pipes, electricity connection for some, and irrigation facilities. They also visited community radio station Vanya, and recorded the message.
On day two they visited health, Education, Child protection and sanitation interventions in Shivpuri. They were part of celebrations at village Benheta in Kolaras block which is now open defecation free. They also visited special new born care unit, maternity ward, kangaroo mother care unit and sub health centre at Jhiri and Rathor village.
Today they met mothers who were part of Suposhan Abhiyan, a campaign to reduce malnutrition and called on Minister Women and Child Development Maya Singh. Discussing with her, UNICEF will continue to support Suposhan Abhiyan and knowledge management. Herietter Ahrens, UNICEF appreciated efforts of the State and said we stand with you and will support to help reduce malnutrition, particularly stunting.