Ujjain: Founder of Yoga Darshan Charitable Trust Swami Harshanand camping at Ujjain during Simhastha has described decision of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to constitute Happiness Ministry as a welcome step. Born at Bhanpura in Mandsaur district, Swami Harshanand informed that he is imparting Yoga training through his organisation for the last 25 years. So far, he has imparted Yoga training to children of 3,500 schools in the country. He informed that he has held camps in 192 jails to bring change in prisoners’ lives.
Swami Harshanand said that environment in the country can be conserved by imbuing spirit of respect for water and trees in children. He informed that human body and Earth have 72 per cent water. It goes to underscore importance of water. He also threw light on Giddhasani Asan of Yoga. Nature of vulture is to keep Earth clean while flying high in the sky. He has given details of this Asan to devotees during training. Swami Harshanand informed that speciality of horse is better coordination between breath, sound and rhythm. This is the reason that it runs with full energy.
Swami Harshanand also lauded efforts of Government of India for creating awareness about Yoga in the world following announcement of United Nations Orgnaisation to celebrate Yoga Day.