Bhopal: The production of Guggal used as ayurvedic medicines in arthritis, cholesterol and blood pressure and hawan material is under threat today due to ignorance and improper exploitation. Guggal, which is found in only three districts of Madhya Pradesh, Morena, Sheopur and Bhind, is sold as raw material from Rs 1,000 to one and a half thousand rupees per kg and its extract is sold at the rate of Rs 5,000 to 10,000 per kg.
Apart from Madhya Pradesh, it is found in Kutch in Gujarat and some places in Rajasthan in India. Minister for Forest Umang Singhar informed that a gum resin policy is being formulated in the state to protect the Guggal. The presentation on the policy draft will take place on March 18.
The Forest Minister Singhar informed that as it is essential from the Ayurvedic point of view, speedy efforts have already been started by the Forest Department to save Guggal. In this connection, a workshop was held on ‘Guggal Sanrakshan, Samvardhan Vinashheen Vidohan’ in Morena today. The local MLA, Tomar of AFRI-Jodhpur, Scientist Archana Sharma of AFRI, Zakir Hussain of Sujagrati organisation and people associated with Guggal harness took part in the workshop.
The Guggal plant found in the ravine of Chambal is one to one and a half meter in length. It is an important source of income of Sahariya tribe. To extract the juice of guggal from the tree, only one to two millimeter incision is required. Only 2 to 4 incisions should be made on branches other than the main branch. But due to the ignorance, tribal try to collect juice by making big cuts. Due to this, the trees get damaged and today it is becoming an endangered species. The Forest department has started quick efforts to clear this ignorance.
The Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, PC Dubey told that it is necessary to have both male and female trees for producing guggal. But in the survey conducted in the three districts, the male tree was not found, probably due to excessive exploitation and ignorance, they have been destroyed. In the workshop held in Morena, Tomar has assured to give 40-50 Male Guggal saplings.
At the same time, AFRI scientist Archana Sharma will submit a report after conducting study of all the circumstances and possibilities related to the guggal procurement. Zakir Hussain, who has been trying for years for protection and production of Guggal, also assured to provide every possible help to the government in this task. Hussain, a resident of Morena, has also reached with an agreement for guggal with Dabur, the well-known pharmaceutical company.