Bhopal: Hindi films actress Swara Bhaskar believes that with the efforts that Madhya Pradesh government is making to realize the immense potential of tourism in Orchha, they will definitely give a new identity to this place. In a conversation before the business conclave session started on the second day of the ‘Namaste Orchha’ Mahotsav at Orchha Palace this morning, Swara told that she has come here for the first time.
Expressing happiness over the festival in Orchha, Swara said that Madhya Pradesh is truly beautiful, Orchha is even more unique. She said that she will also tell other film artists about Orchha. Swara was enamoured of the natural beauty on the banks of the Betwa River in Orchha. In response to the question of how many possibilities are there in Orchha for film production, Swara said that it seems like an ideal place for shooting a film.
The ancient monuments here should be filmed very beautifully on the big screen. Swara said that by improving the road connectivity here understanding the requirements of the film industry, necessary infrastructure can be developed. The roads coming to Orchha can be improved so that big vehicles can move about easily for film production.
Swara believes that organizing film festival in places like Orchha for branding, tourism and investment of Madhya Pradesh and involving college students can give direct benefits.
Praising the ‘Narmada Orchha’ event, Swara said that the vision of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath can give new identity to Madhya Pradesh.