Bhopal: Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that Gandhi Peeth will be established in all universities of the state. Also, Gandhi Stambh will be built in every college. With this we will be able to make students aware of Gandhiji’s thoughts, principles and their struggles. Kamal Nath was addressing the ‘Main hun Gandhi’ ceremony organised on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at the Academy of Administration on Wednesday.
Nath said that our youth are the future of the country. They will have to decide with whom we envisage the country’s future to be secure. He said that if today our country stands under a flag with unity even among so many diversities of caste, religion, language and culture, the credit goes to Gandhiji’s ideology. The Chief Minister said that the future generation needs to know Gandhiji because we can keep our country safe by the path shown by him. He said that the youth must focus specially on gaining knowledge along with education. He said that we attain education in schools and colleges but the knowledge acquired throughout life, makes us capable of facing life’s challenges.
Higher Education Minister Jitu Patwari said that non-violence, tolerance, harmony, humanity and equality have been the main focus of Gandhiji’s ideas. This is also the specialty of our country. He said that we have launched a campaign in the colleges to familiarize the youth with these ideas of Gandhiji.
Acquainting the youth today with the personality and work of Mahatma Gandhi is the biggest need of the hour. Patwari said that the future generation will be apprised with Gandhian philosophy through a portal developed on “Main hoon Gandhi” campaign. The Higher Education Minister said that Chief Minister is representing the land of Mahakaushal, which has been visited by Mahatma Gandhi several times.
He said that the Chief Minister is running a campaign to connect youth with employment and self- employment through skill development as per Mahatma Gandhi’s thinking. The Chief Minister inaugurated and viewed the “Main Hun Gandhi” from Mohan to Mahatma exhibition. Nath released the book “Vandaniya Bapu” edited by Vijayadatta Sridhar, Director of Madhavrao Sapre Museum and “Chitropam Gandhi” by Prof Ram Rajesh Mishra, focussed on the whole life philosophy of Gandhiji. On this occasion, a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi was presented. The Chief Minister awarded the winners of essay, painting and poster competition organised by the Department of Higher Education focussing on Gandhiji.