Bhopal: Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the government is committed to give ‘Right to Health’ to every individual of the state. He mentioned that the biggest challenge before the development of Madhya Pradesh is lack of funds, because the empty treasury was handed over to us by the erstwhile government. The Chief Minister said that while facing every challenge, we are ready for the all round development of the state because we have a strength of love and trust of the people of the state. Kamal Nath was addressing the huge public gathering today after laying the foundation stone of hospital affiliated to Chhindwara Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) costing Rs 1500 crore and foundation laying of new jail complex costing Rs 240 crore.
The Chief Minister said that the people of Chhindwara, Seoni, Betul, Balaghat including other districts will not have to go to Nagpur for treatment after the completion of Super –Specialty hospital. This institute of ours will be equipped with the ultra-modern and better medical facilities that people of Nagpur including other states will come to Chhindwara for medical treatment instead of AIIMS. Kamal Nath mentioned that we are going to give right for assured better medical treatment to every citizen of the state.
Nath said that in the agriculture sector, we took a decision to waive the loans of the farmers immediately after the formation of the government. It is our promise that we will waive off the crop loans upto Rs 2 lakh of all the eligible farmers. The first phase is over. The process to waive off the loans of upto Rs 2 lakh of the remaining farmers is ongoing in the second phase. The Chief Minister said ‘I believe that the crop loan waiver is not a justice with the farmers’. The justice will be done to them only when we could get them the proper price of their produces. He informed that the government has started thinking in this direction and we will start a new revolution in the agriculture sector in the coming days, which will bring smile on the faces of the farmers.
He further stated that decisions are being taken to ensure employment to the youth of the state. A policy is being prepared to ensure employment to local youth in industries. Nath said that the youth have the responsibility for rebuilding the state. They are the future of the state. If they remain unemployed, we could not be able to make Madhya Pradesh a developed state. The Chief Minister mentioned that the investment opportunities are increasing in the state. For this we have gained the faith of the investors.
Referring to the construction of new jail complex in Chhindwara, Kamal Nath said that in order to prevent criminal mindset of criminals and to connect them with the creative activities, such an atmosphere should be created in the jail, which should prove to be an example in the entire country. Citing his 40 years old relations with Chhindwara, Nath said that the main reason behind the development here is love and trust of the people. He further stated that as a result of the love and trust which he has received from the people of the state, the development of the entire state will be ensured on the lines of Chhindwara.
The Minister for Public Health Engineering and District In-Charge Minister Shri Sukhdev Panse said that the foundation laying work of Chhindwara Super-Specialty hospital is a pious work in the direction of improvement in health services. The credit for this goes to the CM Shri Kamal Nath and MP of Chhindwara Shri Nakul Nath. The Minister for Medical Education Dr. Vijayalaxmi Sadho mentioned that the Chhindwara Model is the foundation of state’s development. After Shri Kamal Nath became the Chief Minister, the state has moved forward in the field of development. He intends to get better health facilities for every citizen of the state. While giving the charge of the Medical Education Minister, he told her to improve the deteriorated health system and also to fulfill the responsibility of getting good treatment to every person, who comes to the government hospital. “I am working in this direction as per the intention of the Chief Minister” she said.