Bhopal: The State cabinet here on Tuesday approved Rs 2937.39 crore for four irrigation projects in the cabinet meeting. These four projects will facilitate irrigation in 95,730 hectare land. Administrative sanction of Rs 228.11 crore is given for the medium lift irrigation project Bham (Rajgarh) of district Khandwa for 6,100 hectare command area. Rs. 93 crore 61 thousands revised administrative sanction of Bankpura small irrigation project of Rajgarh district for Rabi irrigation in 1990 hectare land.

Similarly, a third revised administrative sanction of Rs. 2544 crore 57 lakh have been given for Pench diversion project of Chhindwara district for Rabi irrigation in 85000 hectare land. Moreover, a revised administrative sanction of Rs. 71 crore 70 lakh 72 thousand is given for Khargone districts Kharak irrigation projects of 2640 hectare total command area.

Moreover, approval has been given by the cabinet for establishment of Industry and Employment directorate under the Commerce, Industry and Employment Department by the cabinet. Sanction has been given to create a new post of commissioner industries and employment service in the form of Head of Departmental. Besides sanction to create 51 posts of computer operators by surrendering 51 posts of Assisitant grade-3 for this directorate is also given.

Cabinet has given sanction to create a total of 105 posts which includes 21 posts of contractual teacher Cat-2 (contractual Superintendent), 63 posts of category 4 employees and 21 posts of cleaning staff (hourly rated) after establishment of 21pre matric hostels for the year 2015-16 at the school level in order to continue pre- matric education of schedule tribe students.

Cabinet has also given sanction for construction of 3 new sports complex for the students of schedule tribe category, 20 pre matric and 20 post matric hostels, building construction for 65 girls education campus and creation of posts and building construction for establishment of 4 model residential schools at division head quarter and operation of model Eklavya residential school.