Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Minister of State for Cooperatives Minister Vishwas Sarang on Saturday said that society needs to change in order to eradicate the scourge of addiction. While speaking at the inaugural programme of a non-government organisation, Sankalpa Drug De-addiction Centre, here Ayodhya Bypass locality, Sarang said, Addiction is cancer that makes society hollow. Often, it is demanded that the government impose prohibition but it is not going to help in resolving the problem alone. It is necessary to get the society rid of it. Only when society changes can such evils be abolished.

There is a report that liquor shops in Sheopur surrendered their licenses because Saharia tribe members resolved to renounce addiction and stopped consuming alcohol, he said. “Introduction to alcohol or substance abuse is major problem afflicting the society. De-addiction is a process that requires complete healing of body, mind and spirit. The centre aims at rehabilitating individuals in a holistic manner in order to prevent relapse,” said the centre’s founder Rahul Singh.

“Our institute has considerable experience in the treatment of addicts and their proper rehabilitation. We already have a centre functioning in Sehore,” he said. “In addition to initial detox process for 8-10 days depending on the condition of an addict, the de-addiction process offered at the institute combines personalised treatment approaches, family-behaviour therapies and mind-body therapies such as Yoga and meditation,” added Singh.