Bhopal: The State cabinet here on Wednesday approved the excise policy of 2018-19. According to the decision, the existing liquor shops situated at a distance of 50 meters from the girls schools, girls colleges, legal girls hostels/ hostels and legal religious places will be closed from April 01, 2018. The 149 ahatas (permit rooms) and shop bars functioning beside the country and foreign liquor shops will be closed from April 01. A decision to implement the Dry Zone Policy in the assured areas has been taken for the first time in the state in the cabinet meeting. Under this, the consumption of liquor will be completely prohibited in the nearby areas of the sacred rivers, schools, colleges, religious places and girls hostels by declaring these areas as dry zone. These places will be notified. If someone commits some crime under influence of liquor, then such person will not be given benefit of inebriated condition and recommendation will be sent to the home department by adding the provision of penal order under the Indian Penal Code. The power to expel the habitual/ notorious criminals for 6 months, who repeatedly commit liquor related offences, will be given to the collectors by making necessary amendments in Madhya Pradesh Excise Act.

The decision to form committees at district, block and village level has taken by the cabinet to control the growing liquor consumption trend in urban and rural areas, to generate awareness among the people, manufacturing and sale of illicit liquor and to inform the excise department besides the police department for necessary action by identifying the persons involved in the activity and the places.

The Cabinet has decided to first renew execution of country made/foreign liquor shops for the coming year 2018-19, as per the system prevailed in the year 2017-18. After the renewal process, execution of liquor shops will be made in total by inviting lottery applications publicly on common reserve price. Decision was taken regarding liquor shops, remained in execution after renewal/lottery application, through e-tender in online process. Decision was in the meeting to start execution for the year 2018-19 by increasing 15 percent of reserve price for liquor shops.

Several decisions were taken in the cabinet meeting to curb illicit liquor sale. Special security hologram will be pasted on liquor bottles. Report about legality of liquor bottle will be sent on mobile number by the customer on sending the number of hologram pasted on particular country made/foreign liquor purchased on specified mobile number 562634500.

Decision was taken to make online system for transportation of liquor, transit permit from manufacturing units to warehouses and warehouse to liquor shops and no-objection certificate etc.

The cabinet in its meeting granted its permission to land allotment to Bhopal Municipal Corporation for construction of Bharat Mata Parisar. Total 5.046 hectare land was allotted to Bhopal Municipal Corporation for construction of Bharat Mata Parisar. The land is situated in khasra no 64 of village Singarcholi, block Huzur, district Bhopal.

Sanction was given to allotment of 0.202 hectares land in village Koh-e-Fiza (Khanugaon) tehsil Huzur, district Bhopal, to Department of Defence for setting up Naval Sailing Node in the cabinet meeting.