Bhopal: Farmers of Betul district are happy that they have started getting fair prices with ease for their agriculture produces in mandis, owing to the implementation of Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana. Presence of employees of government department has developed trust in the farmers that the grain merchants will give fair prices on the spot for their produces. Activeness of the officers has created an atmosphere of trust in the mandis. A farmer Keval Singh of village Khedi got himself registered under the Bhvantar Bhugtan Yojana. He sold 70 quintals of soybean crop for Rs 1.40 lakh, at the rate of Rs 2,000 per quintal in the mandi. The grain merchant made cash payment of Rs 50,000 to him on the spot.

Balance payment reached the bank account of Singh through RTGS. Beside this, he also received a Bhavantar amount of Rs 32,900 towards the difference between support price and model rate. Keval Singh and his family are now satisfied for getting profitable value of their produce. Similarly, Pragyagraj Sarjerao, the farmer of Vijagram sold 27.81 quintals of soybean at the rate of Rs 2551 per quintal in Betul mandi on October 23. The grain merchant gave him Rs 50,000 in cash and transferred the balance amount through RTGS in his bank account. In this manner, Prayaraj got the right price for his soybean. Beside this, an amount of Rs 13,066 was transferred to his bank account by the government in the form of Bhavantar amount. On getting cash amount of Rs 50,000 on the spot, Praygaraj has started preparations for the next crop.

Farmer Pandhari Nimbaji of village Kerpani like Keval Singh and Prayagraj Sarjerao also got benefitted under the Bhavantar Bhugtan yojana. He had sold 28.41 quintals of soybean at the rate of Rs 1800 per quintal in Betul mandi on October 31. He got the entire amount in cash against the crop in mandi and received a Bhavantar amount of Rs 13,353 in his bank account. Concrete arrangement for timely correct weighing for the farmers has been ensured in Betul Krishi Upaj Mandi. The government department is working actively in the interest of the farmers. Total 70,000 farmers of Betul district have registered themselves under the Bhavnatar Bhugtan Yojana.