Bhopal: A poor farmer Pavan in Bankari village of Chaigaonmakhan in Khandwa district was facing problems as both of his children were deaf and dumb, but with the help of State government, now they are now able to speak and hear. People knew the family more due to the fact that both children in the family were deaf and dumb by birth. As they were growing, they had become a cause for concern for their father. Despite the presence of children in the family, there was a weird silence in the house.
One day, something happened which Pavan had never ever imagined. Health departments National Child Health Programme team reached the anganwadi in the village. In the initial examination, the team found that Bharat and Pratigya, Pavans son and daughter were unable to hear and speak. The team promptly advised them to meet the coordinator of the National Child Health Programme. Pavan took his children to the coordinator. The coordinator took them to the ENT Specialist in the district hospital who referred them for essential tests.
Both children were made to apply under the Mukhya Mantri Bal Shravan Yojana and sent to Sri Aurobindo Hospital, Indore. All tests of both the children were carried out under RBSK free-of-cost and they were advised Cochlear Implant. This implant was told to cost about Rs 6.50 lakh per operation which means for operation of both children the cost would be about Rs 13 lakh. The case was sent to Chief Medical and Health Officer.
The case was approved by the divisional technical committee of Regional Director, Indore. Chief Medical and Health Officer, Khandwa district released first installment of Rs 10.40 lakh to the hospital for the operation of both the children. The Cochlear Implant operation of both the children was a success.
After undergoing the speech therapy, both children of Pavan are now able to speak and hear. Today Pavan is all praise for the National Child Health Programme. Says Pavan, had the government not helped him, from where would he have brought Rs 13 lakh. Villagers of Banjari say now that Bharat and Pratigya can now speak and hear.