Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh East, Central and West region Power Distribution Companies have appealed to the Dharmik Utsav Samitis and power consumers to take temporary electricity connections as per rules for decoration purpose in tents and tableaus during Ramleela, Durgotsav, Garba, Dandia and Moharram. The power connection will be meter-based. The billing for the temporary connection will be based on the current domestic rate. For this a pucca receipt should be obtained after depositing advance amount for estimated power consumer and security deposit apart from the electricity charge as shown in the application. Utsav Samitis have been urged to celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm and as per tradition. They should contribute in energy conservation by saving at least 25 per cent in the power to be use in the test and outside in the ground, road etc.

Electricity consumers should apply for temporary connections by showing the correct and coordinated electricity charge fixed at the office of the Assistant Engineers office at the companys nearest distribution centre for power decorations in tents and tableaus.

The samitis and consumers will have to give a written assurance not to make use of more electricity applied for and will attach the test report of the licensee power contractor with the application. Wiring work etc. should be carried out by the power contractor. Only wires with good immunity should be used. Wrap proper insulation tapes round the joints. The wires should be kept away from curtains and wood. Do not use additional load other than the applied power load for decoration etc. Do not use power in an unauthorised manner. Power distribution companies have warned that power overloading can lead to burning of transformers and related accidents. Due to adverse effects on transmission and distribution system there is a possibility of darkness. The samitis have been told that on unauthorized use of power, action would be taken against the consumer and related power contractor under Electricity Act 2003. Besides the license of power contractor might also be cancelled. Power consumers have been urged to follow power security regulations mandatorily for construction of tableaus and power decoration.