Vindhya Trade Fairs provide identity to entrepreneurs

Bhopal: Minister for Commerce-Industry and Mineral Resources said that Vindhya Trade Fairs has become a medium to provide identity to the entrepreneurs and artists. He mentioned that its third successful year will prove fruitful for providing a platform to cultural and commercial activities. Shukl was inaugurating the Vindhya Mahotsav on Friday evening at Rewa. Shukl said that the Mahotsav has increased the peoples income of Vindhya and Rewa region. This programme has become a good medium for peoples enjoyment. He further said that various Mahotsavs held in other parts of the state attracted his attention towards Vindhya Mahotasav. The Mahotsav is proved to be a boon for people of Rewa every year.

The Minister said that the White Tiger Safari was dedicated by the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan last year. The Safari has become a centre of attraction in the country and abroad. He said that new Collectorate building will be dedicated during Vindhya Mahotsav this year. Also dedication of Raj Kapoor auditorium is proposed during next year.

Commissioner SK Pal and Collector Rahul Jain also spoke on the occasion. President Rewanchal Chamber of Commerce Gajendra Sharma said that Mahotsav is a milestone. Minister Rajendra Shukl honoured actress Lavina Tandon presenting a memento on the occasion.