CM for public participation to achieve objective of yatra

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that public participation is must to achieve the aims of Narmada Seva Yatra. It is difficult for the government do to achieve it alone. Yatra is getting immense blessings from the people. The people can cooperate to prevent pollution in river, to make the flow incessant and to plant umbrageous trees on the banks of river Narmada. Chouhan mentioned that water flow in other rivers of the state beside Narmada is diminishing constantly. Water in Tava and Betwa rivers can be seen in rainy season only. He appealed to the people to protect other water sources too beside rivers. Do not let go water waste during rainy season. Future generation will not forgive us if we do not awake at the right time for river conservation. Chairman Mineral Development Corporation Shiv Choubey conducted the programme.

He said that Narmada yatra is transformed into a public movement. People are coming forward taking resolution to conserve Maa Narmada. He mentioned that sewage water treatment plant will be established in cities situated on the banks of river and treated water will be used for irrigation purpose. Sewage water will not be allowed to release in Narmada river at any cost. Farmers will be encouraged to adopt bio-farming to prevent pollution caused by chemical fertliser. Cooperation of social organizations will be taken in this work.

Chouhan asserted that Narmada Seva Yatra is not only a Karma Kand (Ritual) but it is a humble effort to generate awareness among people towards water and river conservation. With the blessings of Narmada, irrigation area and hydro electricity production of the state is increased, he added. Chouhan and Saints performed poojan of Narmada yatras kalash and flag in the beginning. People in large number took part in Narmada Aarti after the Jan-Sanvad.

Former Rajyasabha MP Kailash Sarang, Minister of State for Cooperatives and Gas Relief Vishwas Sarang, Sadhvi Pragya Bharti, Renowned Musician Pandir Jasraj, Durga Jasraj, Famous Environmentalist and Magsaysay Award Recipient Shri Rajendra Singh, MLA Ramkishan Patel and several public representatives were present in the programme.