Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has extended his best wishes and congratulated all students in advance for their success in the forthcoming annual exams. Chouhan said that the most valuable time starts now. Students have to move forward towards their destination with dreams. At such a time, there is neither any need to neither panic nor take too much stress. Prepare and give your exams happily. The Chief Minister said that examinations last for three hours. In these three hours, only curriculum based knowledge can be checked, not your talent. Every student is unique in his/her own way. Each one has talent and all have unlimited skills. All have the energy to emerge victorious even in difficult times.

The Chief Minister asked the students to focus on time management and be confident. Advising them to stay away from negative thoughts, Chouhan said that stress and tension hinder the display of knowledge and talent. Do not worry about your result. What is more important is one’s best efforts should be put in with full honesty. The Chief Minister urged the parents/guardians not to put too much pressure on their children as it makes a difference on their spontaneous preparation. Parents must give the children their moral support, only then will they achieve their best in life. Give them the courage and your support; they will surely come up to your expectations. He also urged the teachers to boost the confidence of the students.