Bhopal: The School Education Department has begun Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technique for improved monitoring of the construction works and facilities in government schools of the state. The GIS mapping technique in the state has been appreciated at the national level also. A mobile application (app) has been prepared with the help of NIC for the GIS mapping. This application is working on android smart phones with GPS camera. With the mobile app being available both offline and online, the dependence on power, computer and trained staff is not required. The current scenario of infrastructure available in all the government schools of the state has been uploaded with photograph on the education portal server. 1.20 lakh school buildings and other facilities can now be seen on the GIS module of the education portal on Google Map in the state. All information has been made available on public domain.

Under the Free and Compulsory Child Education Rights Act, the availability of a primary school at a distance of every one km and a middle school at every three km and a high school at every 5 km has been made compulsory. Hence, the need for GIS mapping of government schools of the School Education Department has become mandatory for compliance of Act.