No example of sacrifice tradition of Sikhs

Jabalpur: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that there is no example found like sacrifice tradition of Sikhs. Whenever the country faces crisis, Sikhs came forward and sacrificed their all for mother land. Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah said that the renunciation for defencing the country and struggle against oppression done by Guru Govind Singh found no precedent and his life would continue to be a source of inspiration for centuries. The views were expressed in a programme organised for Govind Singh Ji Maharaj’s 350 birth year celebrations.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Guru Govind Singh Ji did the highest sacrifice in fighting against injustice and oppression. Despite sacrifice of his four sons, Guru Govind Singh did not deviate from his struggle to protect the nation and continue it. Chouhan said that whether it is the first freedom struggle or sacrifice of Bhagat Singh, the sacrifice tradition of Sikhs continued. Sikhs faced bullets on their chest from enemies but they did not deviate from their duty. Chouhan said that the celebrations would be held throughout the year in Madhya Pradesh. He said that victims of 1984 riots are left for help, the government is fully committed to provide relief to them.

BJP national president Amit Shah said that no other example is found in the history as Guru Govind Singh Ji lived his life. His personality was really personality of multi-dimension. He was the greatest prestigious poet of his era. He wrote literature in many languages. Guru Govind Singh Ji got carried out work for purification of Brijbhasha. Shah said that the warrior like Guru Govind Singh perhaps would not have born for thousand years. He said becoming brave is one thing and being sacrificing is another thing. The country cannot forget the work the tenth Guru Govind Singh started by laying foundation of Khalsa panth for protection of the country. He worked for unity in the society. The great Govind Singh’s life would be inspiration always. Sikhs are ahead in sacrifice for the country at the border since the time of Guru Govind Singh. Khalsa have unique contribution in the country history. Shah said that decision has been taken to celebrate 350th birth anniversary in every part of the country, even in the areas where Sikhs are not living. Sacrifice of Govind Singh is a source of inspiration for every Indian.

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Committee president Manjit Singh described the sacrifice of Guru Govind Singh unequalled. President of 1984 riot victims committee Kuldeep Singh Bhogal requested the chief minister to provide relief to those victims who are left. Former minister Harendrajeet Singh Babbu and president of Guru Govind Singh, Sadar Bazaar Gurudwara Shri Nakshtra Singh welcomed the guests.