Bhopal: Narmada Seva Yatra in Madhya Pradesh is transforming into such a public campaign of the world in which people beyond the boundaries of caste and creed, small or big, poor or wealthy, everyone is participating with their own will. Consciousness to make Narmada River free of pollution is emerged in such a manner that Sadhu-Sants, Gyani, Archbishop and Hajis all are saying Har-Har Narmade. This campaign is becoming such a public movement of the world which has no place for caste, creed, favour-opposition, debate and discrimination.

No bar of religion, political party or organization, all have one determination in mind ie to make Narmada free from pollution and to make the Rivers current strong. All are hosting reception and participating in yatra on their own way. It is observed from the example at Bargi of Jabalpur that in the presence of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Param Poojya Sant Swami Akhileshwaranand, Girishanand, Balbir Singh Seechewal, Archbishop Father Almeida, PC Singh, Haji Mushtaq Ali, Haji Qadir Ali Qadiri praised Narmada in their own way and expressed gratitude towards the blessings of Narmada for the welfare of mankind.

Yatra being started to spread awareness towards conservation of natural resources is getting success in drawing attention of all the sections of the society. People of different religions whether they are farmers, laborers, traders, students, officers and employees, all has one objective, to make the Narmada flow current strong. Beside locals, people coming from far flung districts are participating in the yatra to promote the pious aim of yatra.

The Narmada Seva Yatra being started at the initiative of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan not only for the welfare of the mankind but also to preserve the existence of plants and animals is witnessing day by day increase in peoples participation. The yatra started from December 11 is moving ahead continuously with enthusiasm and devotion.