Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that mining will be banned around the area of Amarkantak, the origin point of Maa Narmada. A letter will be sent to the Government of India in this regard. Narmada will be made pollution free by this and flow will become strong. Shri Chouhan was addressing the large public gathering at Karanjia of district Dindori under the Narmada Seva Yatra. Yaseen Khan of Karanjia established a unique example by organising Bhandara for the participants of yatra.

Chouhan reached Karanjia from Arandi Ashram with Narmada Seva Yatra. Chouhan said that human beings have felled trees for their self interest, have excavated minerals by ripping apart Dharti Maa and have polluted it by releasing sewage water. Maa Narmada is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, which has given us water for irrigation and electricity. We all should cooperate fully to make it clean and to make its flow strong. This yatra is set out to fulfill these objectives.

Chouhan further mentioned that intensive plantation will be undertaken on empty forest land to make flow strong. Beside this an amount of Rs 20 thousand per hectare till three years will be given to the farmers of both the banks for plantation on their lands and assistance amount i.e. 40 percent of the plantation cost will be given. Moreover, a grant of Rs 12 thousand will be given to construct toilet in villages situated on the banks of the river. He urged the villagers not to put flowers, leaves and poojan material in the river. Also do not perform jal Samadhi. He said for this poojan kunds and mukti dham will be constructed at ghats. Chouhan mentioned that the state government is committed for respect to mothers, sisters and daughters. Hence, changing rooms will be built at ghats.

Chouhan further said that an amount of Rs 1.20 lakh will be provided to the poor to construct pakka house. Also, land will be provided to those who are landless to construct house. He explained to leave addiction besides sending children to schools and equality between son and daughter. Shri Chouhan mentioned that nobody will face problems regarding education of their children and all possible support will be provided for this. Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Omprakash Dhurve accorded welcome to the yatris and guests earlier. Local MLA Omkar Singh gave a vote of thanks.