Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that India has tradition to respect all religions. Discrimination on the basis of religion does not prevail here. He was addressing the Honour Progamme organized by the Sindhi Council of India at Samanvay Bhavan here today. Representatives of 11 states have participated in the programme. Also 11 girls of Sindh-Balochistan (Pakistan) took part in the programme.

Chouhan mentioned that thousand years back, it was said in India that the world is a family. Welfare of the world has been told in India. Sindhi community is patriotic and labourious community. They had come to India with only Sindhi language leaving all the things behind them at the time of partition. This community has contributed significantly towards the development of the country. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has supported the Balochistan movement. Madhya Pradesh is with the displaced Sindhi community with sympathy. They should live with respect and dignity in Madhya Pradesh.

Besides, Chouhan said that the youths of the community should become entrepreneurs and contribute in the development of the state. Mukhyamantri Yuva Udhmi yojna has been made for young entrepreneurs. Girls must study and move forward. The state government will provide assistance to the talented students for higher education.

State President Sindhi Council of India Shankar Lalvani said that the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has initiated to provide citizenship to the member of the Sindhi community came from Balochistan. The state government provides half of the expenses incurred on Sindhu Darshan Yatra.

Chouhan was honoured by the representatives of Sindhi community came from 11 states of the country. The 11 girls came from Balochoistan tied Raksha-Sootra to CM. MP Alok Sanjar, Founder of Sindhi Council of India Suresh Kesvani, National President Parmanad Khattar, National General Secretary Chanderlal Chandani and members of the community were present in the programme.