Bhopal: The state government is deliberating to provide Point of Selling Machines (POS) to the traders of Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was addressing the launching programme of Digital India Campaign at CM House today. The campaign is being organised in the Campus to Community programme of Higher Education Department. State Bank of India and National Service Scheme (NSS) will become part of this. CM Chouhan flagged off the awareness vehicles under the campaign on this occasion. Chouhan said that the state government is making efforts to encourage digital transactions. A high level committee has been formed for cashless transactions in the chairmanship of the Additional Chief Secretary Deepak Khandekar. Efforts are being made to control the need of cash transactions during routine economic transactions. Serious deliberations are being made on how to provide point of selling machines to the traders of the state.

Moreover, Chouhan said that the country is changing fast and moving forward rapidly. Madhya Pradesh is leading in making efforts to make Digital India campaign of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi successful. Students and Farmers of the state are being benefited directly by the Direct Benefit Scheme by the state government. He further mentioned that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi decision to ban the currency notes has broken the back of the terrorism. This has brought control over the problem of black money and corruption. Chouhan said that the Digital India Drive is the permanent solution for black money, corruption and terrorism.

Furthermore, Chouhan stated that effective efforts are required to educate people about the cashless transactions. The role of awareness campaign is important. Chouhan hoped that the campaign will get success to spread this economic revolution to the remote areas. Disciplined, enthusiastic and patriotic members of NSS are linked with the campaign.

Minister for Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya mentioned that even though literacy among Indians is less but they lead in sensibility in the world. Indians now are using electronic voting machines successfully during elections which begun with ballot boxes and stamp long back. He further stated that moral values and culture is permanent but change in life style is must with the changing time. Digital India is the medium of change. Pawaiya congratulated for the success of the campaign.