Bhopal: An approval of Rs 120.60 crore has been given by the union government towards Universities and College Teachers arrears. Minister for Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya has expressed gratitude towards the union government. Pawaiya had initiated demand for third arrears payment. An official DO letter to the Union Minister for Human Resources Department Prakash Javdekar was written and conservation over phone was made by the minister Pawaiya in this regard. Minister Pawaiya assured the representative of College Teachers on being apprised about the arrears demand.

In compliance to the directives of Pawaiya, a revised proposal was handed over to the Union government on September 2. Arrears will be paid to the college teachers before Deepwali or in the month of November after getting approval of the finance department. It may be mentioned that after taking decision to revise the pay scale and other service rules of the universities and college teachers in the year 2008, union government has told the state governments to initiate action accordingly. The state government has demanded the union government to bear 80 percent of the expenses for implementing this decision. On account of this, union government is releasing amount from time to time.