Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that expansion of rail facilities is significant keeping in view the development. This is the matter of utmost pleasure that the Railway Minister has always displayed positive approach towards the development of rail facilities in the state. Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu said that investment towards expansion of rail facilities in Madhya Pradesh called Heart of India will provide benefit to the entire country. No stone will be left unturned for expansion of rail facilities in Madhya Pradesh, he added.

Chief Minister Chouhan and Rail Minister Prabhu were inaugurating new broad gauge section and Jabalpur-Sakuri Mangla train service and were laying foundation of Madan Mahal Terminus and inauguration of Wi-Fi facility at Jabalpur Station, Multi Functional complex and automatic water vending machine at Jabalpur on Tuesday.

Referring to the rail facilities at Jabalpur, Chouhan said that remarkable changes have been registered by the efforts of Prabhu in the condition and direction of Indian Railways. Expansion has not only taken place but important efforts have been taken to increase facilities for passengers. Steps have been taken for sanitation and to make stations ideal place. Chouhan further mentioned that facilities being provided today will undoubtedly benefit the people.

Inauguration of Madan Mahal Terminus and new broad gauge line will prove fruitful for the people. Investment proposals in the field of defense during the Global Investors Summit to be held at Indore will benefit Jabalpur. In order to encourage investment in Jabalpur, a separate road show will be conducted. Chouhan said that Jabalpur is the first city which is being adorned under the smart city project. He appealed to the people to come forward and contribute in the efforts to make Jabalpur clean and progressive.

Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu said that effort will be taken at the earliest for fulfillment of important demands of the Jabalpurs citizens. Huge increase has been made in the provision of the amount during the year 2009 to 2014. Improving decision making process, initiative has been taken to include states in the decision making process. Prabhu referred Chouhan as a forward looking chief minister. Prabhu mentioned that it is the result of the progressive thinking of the chief minister that Madhya Pradesh has achieved leading agriculture growth rate not only in the country but in the world.